Special issue on NORIP in Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation (SJCLI)

Scand J Clin Lab Invest 2004; 64

Transnational Biological Reference Intervals

Procedures and Examples from the Nordic Reference Interval Project 2000

Reproduced from Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation, www.tandf.no/sjcli, 2004, 64, pages 265 - 441 by permission of Taylor & Francis AS.

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Introduction The project group

Persons and institutions involved in the NORIP project



The Nordic Reference Interval Project 2000:recommended reference intervals for 25 common biochemical properties

P. Rustad, P. Felding, L. Franzson, V. Kairisto, A. Lahti, A. Mårtensson, P. Hyltoft Petersen, P. Simonsson, H. Steensland & A. Uldall


Prerequisites for establishing common reference intervals

P. Hyltoft Petersen, P. Rustad 285-292

Minimally processed fresh frozen human reference sera: preparation, testing, and application to international external quality assurance

G. M. Henriksen, M. M. Pedersen, I. Nørgaard, M. Blom,L. Blou, O. Blaabjerg & A. Uldall


The Nordic Trueness Project 2002: use of reference measurement procedure values in a general clinical chemistry survey

M. M. Pedersen, U. Örnemark, P. Rustad, H. Steensland, M. Loikkanen, E. Ólafsdóttir, G. M. Henriksen, N. Jørgensen, A. Uldall, G. Nordin & U.-R. Nordberg

5 Certificate of analysis: NFKK Reference Serum X: a reprint M. M. Pedersen, P. Rustad, P. Simonsson



Reference individuals, blood collection, treatment of samples and descriptive data from the questionnaire in the Nordic Reference Interval Project 2000

P. Felding, P. Rustad, A. Mårtensson, V. Kairisto, L. Franzson, P. Hyltoft Petersen & A. Uldall

7 Descriptive analytical data and consequenses for calculation of common reference intervals in the Nordic Reference Interval Project 2000 P. Rustad, P. Felding, A. Lahti, P. Hyltoft Petersen 343-370
8 Reference intervals for eight enzymes in blood of adult women and men measured in accordance with the IFCC reference system at 37°C - A part of the Nordic Reference Interval Project 2000 J. H. Strømme, P. Rustad, H. Steensland, L. Theodorsen, P. Urdal 371-384

A multicentre study of reference intervals for haemoglobin, basic blood cell counts and erythrocyte indices in the adult population of the Nordic countries

G. Nordin, A. Mårtensson, B. Swolin, S. Sandberg, N. J. Christensen, M. Aune, V. Thorsteinsson, L. Franzson, V. Kairisto, E.-R. Savolainen 385-398
10 Effect of analytical quality on establishing the common reference intervals and their use P. Rustad, P. Hyltoft Petersen 399-406

Are the common reference intervals truly common? Case studies on stratifying biochemical reference data by countries using two partitioning methods

A. Lahti 407-430

Nordic Reference Interval Project Bio-bank and Database (NOBIDA): a source for future estimation and retrospective evaluation of reference intervals

P. Rustad, P. Simonsson, P. Felding, M. Pedersen 431-438


Creatininium reference intervals for corrected methods

A. Mårtensson, P. Rustad, H. Lund, H. Ossowicki 439-442